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Delivering reliability to the Electricity System and Value to our Clients

Electricity Exchange is a leading provider of Demand Response Technologies and Services. As part of our Demand Side Unit service, we deploy our latest technologies to deliver additional revenue directly to commercial and industrial electricity consumers’ bottom line. These technologies enable our clients to support the electricity system with minimal impact on their business. Our Virtual Power Station pays clients for simply making themselves available to reliably provide support when required.

Can My Business Participate?

If your business spends more than €10,000 per month on electricity and can do one or more of the following

Can you reduce your demand for electricity?

Reduce Demand

Can your business turn off or turn down certain electrical loads for up to 2 hours?

Can you run back-up generation?

Run Back-Up Generation

Does your business have back-up generators that can be operated for up to 2 hours?

Can you run low-cost generation?

Run Low-Cost Generation

Does your business operate a CHP or other, low-cost generation on a regular schedule?

Then Yes, your business is ready to generate revenue by joining Electricity Exchange’s Virtual Power Station.

Check out our Payments Calculator to see how much revenue your business could be generating with Electricity Exchange.

If your business cannot currently provide any of these services, the emerging DS3 System Services Programme will create a wide range of opportunities that may be more suitable.

Find out what opportunities may be available to your business in our Future Services section below.

Electricity Exchange is committed to making Ireland a Smart Grid exemplar...

Payment Calculator

Find out how much we can deliver to your bottom line

Step 1: My Business's Electricity

How much electricity does your business consume on average?

Does your business have an export capacity?

Step 2: Demand Reduction

How much can you reduce your site load on average?

e.g. If your HVAC consumes 250 kW but only operates for 12 hours per day, then you can reduce your load by 125 kW on average.

Step 3: Generation

How much generation have you on your site on average?

Note: Any increased cost to your business due to turning off or reducing output will be compensated

Please Note: The calculated payment range is an estimate based on the information you provide and historical electricity market data. Electricity Exchange will need to carry out a site-specific suitability study in order to provide an accurate estimate for your business.

Based on the information you have provided, it appears as though your business may qualify to have Electricity Exchange’s control and metering system, provided free of charge.

Please enter your information below to arrange a Free site specific suitability study to accurately determine the potential earnings for your business.

Please enter your information below for review by one of Electricity Exchange’s consultants. They will review the opportunities available to your business and contact you with further information.

Note: If provided, this helps us to follow-up with more accurate information relating to your business. You will find your MPRN at the top of your electricity bill.
An instant support network for you and your business

Other Benefits to Your Business

We invest in our partnership with your business from Day One

Electricity Exchange will cover the cost of your Control and Metering System and, unlike our competitors, we will not deduct this from your payments.

The Electricity Exchange Team has extensive active experience in electrical engineering, electricity supply, international power trading, carbon management, international carbon trading, energy efficiencies brokerage, and much more.

When you partner with Electricity Exchange, you get direct access to this expertise, providing you with an instant support network that is always seeking new opportunities to maximise the benefit to you and your business. Electricity Exchange operates at the forefront of technology innovation and market strategy, ensuring that you remain future-proof in an evolving market.

Green Energy Rewards

Green energy can make you money

Maximise additional revenue generated from your Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Initiatives in partnership with our sister company, Captured Carbon.

Real-time Power Analysis

Second by second data from over 20 electrical parameters.

Use our market leading systems to monitor your energy and power quality in real-time. Diagnose faults and identify inefficiencies with 20+ electrical parameters recorded from each meter every second.

Next Generation Technology

IoTAS monitoring your site and the grid 8,000 times per second.

With our new IoTAS system, monitoring your site and the grid 8,000 times per second, you will be ready for the newest market opportunities when they become available.

Respond to faults, not in minutes or seconds, but in milliseconds.

Future Services

Future proof your business with IoTAS from Electricity Exchange

Ireland’s power system is evolving. To support our renewable future, the power system must be able to respond to faults, not in minutes or seconds, but in milliseconds.

Future market payments will reward your business for responding faster, for short periods of time. If your business has loads such as HVAC, chillers, compressors, etc. that can be turned off instantly, even if only for a few seconds, then you can provide the type of response that is needed. With Electricity Exchange’s latest IoTAS technology monitoring the power system up to 8,000 times per second, your business can be ready to receive the highest rates of payments when the new DS3 System Services payments become available.

This technology was developed as part of a project commissioned by EirGrid. The innovative collaboration between Electricity Exchange and EirGrid was described by EirGrid Chief Executive, Fintan Slye, in Eolas Magazine as “exactly what we need to move the sector forward and position Ireland as a world leader in this space.”

Click here to reveal more information on the importance of faster response

The new DS3 System Services are vital to the future security of the Electricity System. The market mechanisms required to deliver these services are still under development by the System Operators and the Regulatory Authorities. The details of these mechanisms are still emerging through consultations published by the EirGrid Group and the Regulatory Authorities.

From October 2016 the new DS3 System Services Market will come into effect under as part of Interim Arrangements. New technologies will not be entering the market for fast response at this point, even if they have been demonstrated in other markets such as the UK.

In early 2017, EirGrid will begin a qualification process during which new technologies will use small amounts of capacity to demonstrate their ability to provide the response that Electricity System needs. The value to participating businesses will be low, but this is trial will enable higher value payments from October 2017.

In October 2017 successful new technologies will join the mainstream DS3 System Services providers. EirGrid will apply scalars to prices based on how well service providers can deliver the services they require. By choosing Electricity Exchange, you will be partnering with a technology leader that can deliver the highest levels of performance to the Electricity System, and the highest payments for your business.

Free Consultation

Arrange a 15 minute 1-to-1 consultation with our resident expert

Dr. Paddy Finn, one of Ireland's 30 under 30

Dr. Paddy Finn holds a PhD on the Increased Penetration of Wind Generation using Demand Response and is a Member of EirGrid’s DS3 Advisory Council.

Please click here to arrange a 15 minute 1-to-1 to find out more about the emerging DS3 System Services market and to discuss any questions you may have.

Please note: A webcam will be required to participate

Consultation Request

Please propose 3 dates for your 1-to-1 and we will contact you with a suitable time.

Proposed Date 1 (Required)

Proposed Date 2

Proposed Date 3

We Are The Wave of New Industry Leaders

Meet our Directors

Market leading expertise

Our Mission

The challenges that Ireland’s electricity system faces, as a global leader at the forefront of renewable energy integration, necessitates the development of a dynamic Smart Grid that interacts with consumers in real-time to provide system security. Electricity Exchange is committed to making Ireland a Smart Grid exemplar, by developing technologies that reduce the time it takes consumer’s equipment to respond to system events from the order of minutes to just milliseconds.

Dr. Paddy Finn - Managing Director, Technical Director of Electricity Exchange

Dr. Paddy Finn

Managing Director

Technical Director

Paddy Finn is a leading figure at the forefront of Demand Side strategy in Ireland and was listed in the Irish Independent’s “30 under 30 Shaping Ireland’s Future”.

With a background in Electronic Engineering, Paddy holds a PhD on The facilitation of wind generated electricity in Ireland’s electricity market using demand response from the University of Limerick, and continues to publish his research in top tier peer reviewed energy journals.

Paddy is an elected member of the Grid Code Review Panel, a standing body comprising 17 members coordinated by EirGrid that is mandated to review, discuss, and propose changes to the Grid Code, the technical document which establishes the rules governing the operation, maintenance and development of the transmission system and sets out the procedures for governing the actions of all transmission system users.

Delivering on his determined commitment to make Ireland a Smart Grid exemplar, Paddy is an appointed member on EirGrid's DS3 Advisory Council, advising on the future integration of Demand Response technologies in order to meet the challenges of operating the electricity system in a secure manner while achieving the 2020 renewable electricity targets.

Paddy is the lead manager and technical investigator on research, development, and commercialisation projects conducted in collaboration with Intel and EirGrid.

Duncan O'Toole - Commercial Director of Electricity Exchange

Duncan O'Toole

Commercial Director

Duncan O’Toole has extensive knowledge and international experience in the domain of carbon standards and trading systems. Consulting in industrial carbon management and measurement, he has been a pioneering figure in the monetisation of carbon reducing activities for Irish companies. Duncan is also the Managing Director of Captured Carbon, a sister company to Electricity Exchange.

Duncan has an extensive array of commercial dealings with leading utilities, in Ireland and internationally, and manages the commercial trading activities of numerous wind farms as well as other forms of low carbon power generation. With a vast knowledge of energy market trading, Duncan also operates an electricity supply unit and an interconnector unit, trading electricity between the Irish and UK electricity markets daily.

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Electricity Exchange - 12 Month Review

12 Month Review

It's been a great 12 months for Electricity Exchange. As we continue to innovate within the DSU Market, we're also driving forward to deploy our products into completely new markets. We're looking forward to the next 12 months!

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